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Book your 2018 Music Fest downtown hotel today! Click on the pictures below for more details on each hotel and make your reservation today.
The West Wing Boutique Hotel

The West Wing Boutique Hotel Suites: $125 Queen Studios: $115 2501 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, FL 33612 For Transient Guest all suites rates are $125.00 and Queen Studios rates are $115.00.  The Transient Guest Reservation code is TBBHF18.  Call 813.559.8000 to book your reservation.


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About Tampa Black Heritage Festival

About Us

The Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival (TBBHF/The Festival) is a ten-day cultural event that features speakers, musicians, artists, poets and craftspeople locally and nationally. The festival traditionally begins the week-end before and concludes the week-end after the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday to promote diversity and cultural sensitivity. Each day of this ten-day experience provides both children and adults with an opportunity to increase their awareness of African and African-American culture and history. This event strives to increase diversity and cultural sensitivity.


The purpose of the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, Inc. is to offer the community of Tampa Bay a unique blend of African and African American art, culture and history, therefore serving as a conduit for promoting and perpetuating the art, culture and history of African Americans and African people for the benefit of all Tampa Bay residents and tourists to the Tampa Bay area. It exists to support the culturally rich and diverse Tampa Bay community by ensuring all events are inclusive of the entire community.



Dr. Samuel L. Wright, Sr.

Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival Founder

The Festival’s founder, Dr. Samuel Lamar Wright, Sr. and the Tampa Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau, a major contributor, had a vision to raise awareness of the African and African-American heritage within the Tampa Bay Area and surrounding community. The result of their combined efforts was increased exposure to African and African-American culture through positive images and achievements. The Festival surrounds the teachings and philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who advocated for a diverse community that is culturally sensitive to all who live there.