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Book your 2018 Music Fest downtown hotel today! Click on the pictures below for more details on each hotel and make your reservation today.
The West Wing Boutique Hotel

The West Wing Boutique Hotel Suites: $125 Queen Studios: $115 2501 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, FL 33612 For Transient Guest all suites rates are $125.00 and Queen Studios rates are $115.00.  The Transient Guest Reservation code is TBBHF18.  Call 813.559.8000 to book your reservation.


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Sean Josephs

Vice President, Blue Lynx Marketing

Sean Josephs is the webmaster of the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival and Vice President of Blue Lynx Marketing where he works on business cultivation, strategic implementation, overseeing event marketing and organizational representation. Website design, search engine optimization, pay per click search advertisement, graphic development, video production, media buying, event marketing and social media marketing are amongst the services Blue Lynx offers as a full service marketing firm.
He formerly worked Coordinating Program Analytics for BFG Communications/ R.J. Reynolds where he oversaw every aspect of the traveling and stationary arms responsible for conducting person to person marketing at concerts, festivals, sporting events and hundreds of other gatherings nationwide. He dealt with the training and management of more than 500 nationwide field agents and local market managers in an effort to ensure BFG Communications and R.J. Reynolds continued their stellar records of FDA compliance.
Prior to that position he spent two years working for the Central City Community Development Corporation whose primary purpose was to strengthen community relations between elected officials, residents and local organizations. The corporation focused on providing goods and services in their target service area for constituents and building their confidence in the organization as well as each of the programs they sponsored. Sean personally created the website, newsletters, brochures and PowerPoint Presentations for the organization. He was also the spokesperson and regularly engaged in interviews with local radio, print media, television media outlets and made public appearances on the corporation’s behalf.