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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate the Website?

As on most Websites, you can jump from place to place by clicking on a button or hypertext link. Hypertext links are recognizable because they are either underlined or change to a different color when your mouse hovers over it.

On most pages in our Website you will see a cascading “pull down” menu. When your cursor rolls over one of the main topics, a menu appears underneath containing the different choices. You can always click on “Home” to return to the main page.

Why don’t I see the “pull down” menu items?

If you do not see the pull down menu items you are probably using an Internet browser that is outdated. We have coded our website with some of the internet’s latest technology and some of it simply does not work in older browsers. If that is the case, we recommend installing or updating to one of the following browsers.

Internet Explorer 9Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari

If problems still exist after updating, please submit a message to our staff via the contact page.

Whats the fastest way to find info?
In the upper right hand corner there is a magnifying glass. Hold your mouse over it to pop-up the search text box. You can type a word or phrase into the search box and hit enter on your keyboard to return a listing of all pages and articles containing the phrase you ent

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