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Book your 2018 Music Fest downtown hotel today! Click on the pictures below for more details on each hotel and make your reservation today.
The West Wing Boutique Hotel

The West Wing Boutique Hotel Suites: $125 Queen Studios: $115 2501 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, FL 33612 For Transient Guest all suites rates are $125.00 and Queen Studios rates are $115.00.  The Transient Guest Reservation code is TBBHF18.  Call 813.559.8000 to book your reservation.


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Angie Speller

Angie Speller
Angie Speller, LMHC, NCC

Angie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor. She received her Master of Arts from the prestigious Rollins College in Winter Park Florida, after graduating from University of Florida for her Bachelor of Science, in Psychology. Aside from her training in Mental Health Counseling, Angie received specialized training in Dream Interpretation, Mindfulness Meditation, and Hypnosis.
Angie is passionate about empowering young professionals to find confidence in their lives. Often we separate the two, professional and personal, but this is where the conflict originates. We aren’t compartmentalized beings and by defining our worth in only one arena we are limiting our worth and potential.
She has presented at ASGW, Association for Specialists in Group Work Conference, on the topic of Mindfulness in Groups and has a passion for cultivating Mindful leaders..