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Book your 2018 Music Fest downtown hotel today! Click on the pictures below for more details on each hotel and make your reservation today.
The West Wing Boutique Hotel

The West Wing Boutique Hotel Suites: $125 Queen Studios: $115 2501 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, FL 33612 For Transient Guest all suites rates are $125.00 and Queen Studios rates are $115.00.  The Transient Guest Reservation code is TBBHF18.  Call 813.559.8000 to book your reservation.


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Volunteer Terms and Conditions



Thank you for volunteering with the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival (TBBHF). In accordance with our guidelines and policies the following terms & conditions and waiver are enacted regarding volunteers. Volunteers are those who are interested in providing a service, serving on a Festival Committee(s) and volunteering at a Festival event.  This document applies to ALL Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival events.  

All information gathered, acquired and distributed at meetings and/or on behalf of TBBHF shall be the property of the Festival, is “confidential” and may not be shared without written consent.

Volunteers must read and agree to the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival Volunteer Terms & Conditions and Waiver prior to reporting for any scheduled volunteer assignment(s).

 I am representing The Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, Inc. its sponsors, and partners.
 I will conduct all volunteer activities with high standards, professionalism, and good taste, and will not cause detriment to its reputation.
 I will not consume alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances while representing The Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, Inc.
 I will report to all volunteer assignments with a smile and positive attitude.

To participate, I am at least 15 years of age. If I am under 18 years of age, my parent or guardian will be required to sign a Volunteer  Terms & Conditions and Waiver form on my behalf.
 I understand that I am volunteering for a community event without any form of compensation.
 Safety and security of all attendees of the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival is of the utmost importance. I will report any suspicious activity, dangerous situations or any other out of the     ordinary activities to my festival contact person, onsite security, safety patrol or law enforcement.
 I will not engage in controversial conversations or activities. I will walk away from those types of encounters and notify a Festival Staff person or on site security.

If I choose to no longer participate, I will notify the committee chair(s) immediately.
 I agree to volunteer for a predetermined period of time and am expected to fulfill that commitment.
 As a volunteer, I must sign up for no less than 4 hour shifts depending on the needs of the event.
 There will be NO inappropriate fraternizing with the performers, talent, and VIP(s).
 I will be at my designated volunteer site at the time expected. If my plans change, I will notify a volunteer coordinator, at least 30 minutes prior to my assigned time.
 I will arrive at least 15 minutes before my shift starts. If I am more than 15 minutes late, I understand that is to be considered a no-show and my assignment will be reassigned or cancelled.
 I understand that I must sign in upon arrival and sign out prior to leaving my volunteer assignment(s). It is prohibited for me to sign in or out on behalf of other volunteers.
 I am expected to wear appropriate and comfortable attire during my volunteer assignment(s).

**Volunteers found violating any of the above terms or TBBHF, Inc. guidelines will be asked to surrender any and all Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival identification and leave the premises.**


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