Youth Night

Youth Night


January 16, 2018  – Planning Underway

Youth Night focuses on today’s youth and how to transition them into tomorrow’s leaders.

Featured speakers, panelists, and performers are a mixture of students and pioneers who highlight the historical significance of those who continue to keep the dream alive by passing the torch to our younger generation.

This fun filled night of entertainment, personal development and leadership is an opportunity to cultivate teachable moments with our youth and encourage positive strides towards the future. The Heritage Youth Night seeks to highlight history and culture in an innovative way to position future leaders into society and in our communities.

Youth Night

Event Sponsor


HCC Mainstage Theatre Loading Door, East 11th Avenue, Tampa, FL, United States

Where: TBA
Date: Wednesday, January 16th
Main Event:

Event is designed by youth.

Event Contact Person:               Chairsea Strickland  [email protected]